Our Company 

We offer:

  • Standard and customised bird watching, bird identification and mammal tours to all destinations in Southern Africa
  • We offer tours for one to eight people
  • Guided Photographic Tours and Safaris to all major game reserves and conservancies
  • Military Historic Tours in and around Cape Town and South Africa
  • Namaqualand Flower Tour (in season - late August and early September)
  • Experienced, passionate and knowledgable safari guide to lead all tours



  • We are regional birdwatching specialists in Cape Town and South Africa
  • We know our birds and animals and where to find then
  • South Africa offers 971 bird species (610 species in the Western Province alone)
  • Two of the world's Top 10 birding spots are to be found here
  • Cape Town has 60 of Southern Africa's 86 endemic species
  • South Africa has some of the finest game and nature reserves in the world
  • South Africa offers you excellent value for money
  • Flexibility on all tours and safaris in Southern Africa
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and passionate guide
  • Excellent accommodation with birds and wildlife on the doorstep
  • Great South African cuisine while on safari prepared by your guide
  • Your guide will take you to incredible wildlife destinations
  • Comprehensively crafted itineraries in South Africa and bordering countries

Ethical Approach to Nature


A wise man once said it is important to set the ground rules so that we understand each other before going on safari.

  • Do not ask me about hunting, we absolutely don't.
  • We take nothing out the bush except great memories and leave nothing but our foot prints.
  • When on safari we are trespassing on animals and birds turf and their safety and comfort is as important as yours.
  • We will not get into animals or birds faces.
  • If on tour any animal or bird shows signs of distress or aggression we will back off to allow it to settle.
  • If it does not settle we will move off.
  • We have binoculars to look from a distance.
  • We will not interfere with nature but will only report anything of concern.
  • The secret to viewing and photographing wildlife is patience and not charging around. This is Africa after all.
  • Being able to choose likely areas where exciting situations can develop is one of our strengths.
  • We will put in long hours in the field during day light hours but will not use bright lights at night which disorientate animals, especially prey animals in Southern African game parks.
  • Please keep in mind that the survival of those wild animals and birds is more important than the taking of pictures.
  • This will enable more tours and safari guests to enjoy the guided experience.































  • Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Educated at SACS in Newlands, Cape Town.
  • Defence and Provincial representation for water polo.
  • Served as a Combat Officer and Navy Diver in the SA Navy.
  • Holder of the Chief of the Navys Commendation and medals.
  • Worked for Dorbyl Shipbuilders, Cape Town
  • Travelled extensively in Far East, Europe and North America.
  • Worked as a horsemanship director and guide in the USA
  • Managed two Spur franchises in Cape Town.
  • Worked at a safari guide in the Timbavati and Sabi-Sabi.
  • Qualified as a Game Ranger/Field Guide (FGASA - Membership No. 17564)
  • Professional photographer and passionate conservationist.
  • Dedicated father.



Welcome to Absolute Birding ! This company was founded on my passion for nature and its
conservation. I am at my happiest when I am your guide on a safari tour somewhere far away from
the madding crowds in Southern Africa surrounded by animals and birds. I have travelled Southern
Africa extensively in search of the ultimate wildlife and birding venues. Let me share my passion for
all things wild with you.
I was introduced to mammals, birds, birding and photography at a very young age by my
grandfather, Barry Hammond. Having been attacked by safari park chimps at age 5 (I foolishly
chased after a pair of escaped chimps wanting to play), baptised into the equestrian pursuits a short
while later and having my junior school principal (with whom I was not popular) take me birding for
the first time. I have been involved with birds, birding and photography ever since. As a Naval officer
I have travelled far and wide. After my military service I lived in both Europe and the US. At Absolute
Birding we shoot strictly with cameras. It is a question of ethics  !



FGASA, CATHSSETA, Wildlife Campus, Clinical Dynamics, Bird Friendly, Advanced Scuba Diver. Then
12 x Wildlife campus sub-certificates. Finally the 10 x military certificates. All of these will be found
on the existing "About US" page.