Once the African bush is in your blood you will want to return!"

We are all about experiencing the joy of nature. My mission is to promote the understanding, enjoyment, conservation and study of wild birds and animals in their natural habitat. Only by providing an outstanding Southern African wildlife experience can I do my part to preserve and conserve that which comes naturally. Birds and mammals are central to any tour or safari coming to South Africa.



My name is Sean de Nobrega and welcome to Absolute Birding ! Absolute Birding was founded on my passion for nature and its conservation. I am at my happiest when I am the guide of a safari tour somewhere far away from the madding crowds in South Africa but preferably in the Kruger National Park surrounded by animals and birds. I have travelled Southern Africa extensively in search of the ulimate wildlife and birding venues. Let me share my passion for all things wild with you.

I was introduced to birds and birding at a very young age. Having been bitten by safari park chimps at age 5 (I foolishly chased after a pair of escaped chimps wanting to play), baptised into the equestion pursuits a short while later and having my junior school principal (with whom I was not popular) take me birding for the first time. I have been involved with birds, birding and photography ever since. As a Naval officer I have travelled far and wide. After my military service I lived in both Europe and the US. Absolute Birding shoot strictly with cameras. It is a question of ethics  !

Ethical Approach to Nature


A wise man once said it is important to set the ground rules so that we understand each other before entering a park.

  • Do not ask me about hunting, we absolutely don't.
  • We take nothing out the bush but only leave our foot prints.
  • When on safari we are trespassing on animals' and birds' turf and their safety and comfort is as important as yours.
  • We will not get into animals' or birds' faces.
  • If on tour any animal or bird shows signs of distress or aggression we will back off to allow it to settle.
  • If it does not settle we will move off.
  • The secret to viewing and photographing wildlife is patience and not charging around. This is Africa after all.
  • Being able to choose likely areas where exciting situations can develop is one of our strengths.
  • We will put in long hours in the field during day light hours but will not use bright lights at night which disorientate animals, especially prey animals in Southern African game parks.
  • Please keep in mind that the survival of those wild animals and birds is more important than the taking of pictures. This will enable more tours and safari guests to enjoy the guided experience is South Africa's game parks.






  • Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Educated at SACS in Newlands, Cape Town.
  • Defence and Provincial representation for water polo.
  • Served as a Combat Officer and Navy Diver in the SA Navy.
  • Holder of the Chief of the Navy's Commendation and medals.
  • Worked for Dorbyl Shipbuilders, Cape Town
  • Travelled extensively in Far East, Europe and North America.
  • Worked as a horsemanship director and guide in the USA
  • Managed two Spur franchises in Cape Town.
  • Worked at a safari guide in the Timbavati and Sabi-Sabi.
  • Qualified as a Game Ranger/Field Guide (FGASA - Membership No. 17564)
  • Professional photographer and passionate conservationist.
  • Dedicated father.




To whom it may concern,

My mother and I travelled from Europe to South Africa and booked a private two week safari tour. Sean de Nobrega became our safari guide, with his classic authentic Land Rover.

Sean happily greeted us as soon as we arrived at the guesthouse, even though it was late at night and he was good enough to help us with our baggage. During the rest of our tour we got to know Sean as a reliable, serious, loyal, good hearted, ‘happy to be of service’ kind of man with many great attributes.

As an ex-military officer it was noticeable that Sean is extremely aware of his surroundings in nature, in traffic and around people. His driving was impeccable. This made us feel nicely safe at all times. Being a safari guide is second nature to him.

It quickly became obvious that he is a great lover of nature, making him a fantastic spotter of wildlife and very knowledgable on the subject as well. We very much enjoyed learning from him.

Being a (bird) Photographer himself, it was a delight that he understood my wants and desires as a photographer, setting up his Land Rover at a great angle and giving me the time I needed to get a great shot. I felt he was always taking my needs into consideration.

Our journey did not all go as planned due to circumstances outside of our control. This caused some very stressful moments for my mother and I as well as for Sean being our guide. However he proved to be very flexible, problem solved like a pro and took the time to clearly explain the troubles at hand. He was ingenious enough to think up adequate options to keep our trip as pleasant as possible for us so that our journey was saved from being doomed a total failure.

We warmly recommend Sean of Absolute Birding both as a person and as a wonderful safari tour guide. We are very grateful for the time we got to spend with him. Thanks to his time and effort we can truly say that we were in the best of hands while having a real South African adventure. We finished up our safari in Cape Town at the southern tip of South Africa.

Patricia Ramaer



To whom it may concern,

Details of the Recommendation: "Sean delivers the highest level of professionalism. He works beyond what is needed to ensure that if any of his clientele should wish for a change in venue he will have already anticipated that change and had no problem satisfying to the highest degree his visitor's.
I would recommend Sean for just about any tourism company as his knowledge is large and varied. He is competent, insightful, and in general an all around super person!"

Danielle Montello



My second birding trip to South Africa, this time in the Cape Town area, was absolutely tops ! I was fortunate to bird for a few days with Sean de Nobrega of Absolute Birding Tours. Not only does Sean know his area and the many bird species by sight and sound, but he is a warehouse of historical information ... and an excellent host ! 
Sean took me to the exact locations for easy viewing of rockjumpers, sugarbirds, sunbirds and loads of difficult to find endemic species from the Cape.  His experience, enthusiasm and laughter made for a wonderful birding experience.  I recommend Sean and Absolute Birding Tours highly and without reservation.
Thanks for everything Sean.
Your friend,
 Dave Roelen
Torrance, California


September, 2017

I spent an amazing seven days birding the Cape Town, South Africa area with Sean de Nobrega, of Absolute Birding Tours, in August, 2017.

Sean is a gracious, very personable host, a highly knowledgeable guide, and a truly amazing birder.  In my seven days we visited botanical gardens, farmlands, beaches, wetlands, treatment ponds, Nature Reserves, mountains, hillsides, National Parks, and open areas looking for, and finding, many endemic species, migrants, and others completely unexpected.  While I haven’t counted accurately, I believe Sean led me to at least 125 species, likely more.

Sean arranged everything perfectly, including all transportation, the B&B, daily excursions, suggested dining options, etc. and adapted each outing to my personal physical capabilities.  He was flexible when conditions changed.

Sean is also a great photographer (see his Facebook page), and was very helpful in my photography efforts.  And I enjoyed our enlightening cultural and historical conversations about South Africa, Cape Town, and all of Africa as well.

Without reservation, I highly recommend him to the casual or highly discriminating birder. He is reliable, considerate of the habitats and animals, knows the greater Cape Town area very well and, certainly, knows where to find the birds.

Dave Weeshoff

Los Angeles, California, USA