• Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Educated at SACS in Newlands, Cape Town.
  • Defence and Provincial representation for water polo.
  • Served as a Combat Officer and Navy Diver in the SA Navy.
  • Holder of the Chief of the Navys Commendation and medals.
  • Worked for Dorbyl Shipbuilders, Cape Town
  • Travelled extensively in Far East, Europe and North America.
  • Worked as a horsemanship director and guide in the USA
  • Managed two Spur franchises in Cape Town.
  • Worked at a safari guide in the Timbavati and Sabi-Sabi.
  • Qualified as a Game Ranger/Field Guide (FGASA - Membership No. 17564)
  • Professional photographer and passionate conservationist.
  • Dedicated father.


Welcome to Absolute Birding ! This company was founded on my passion for nature and its conservation. I am at my happiest when I am your guide on a safari tour somewhere far away from the madding crowds in Southern Africa surrounded by animals and birds. I have travelled Southern Africa extensively in search of the ultimate wildlife and birding venues. Let me share my passion for all things wild with you. I was introduced to mammals, birds, birding and photography at a very young age by my grandfather, Barry Hammond. Having been attacked by safari park chimps at age 5 (I foolishly chased after a pair of escaped chimps wanting to play), baptised into the equestrian pursuits a short while later and having my junior school principal (with whom I was not popular) take me birding for the first time. I have been involved with birds, birding and photography ever since. As a Naval officer I have travelled far and wide. After my military service I lived in both Europe and the US. At Absolute
Birding we shoot strictly with cameras. It is a question of ethics  !